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About the Workshop

Location:   Central Library, Latino Collection and Resource Center

            600 Soledad Street, 78205

Parking:     Your validated ticket is good for three (3) hours in their lot.

Times:         All classes with begin at 10 a.m. Please be on time.

Lunch:        The Gonzaba Foundation for Healthy Communities will be providing a light lunch.

                 If you have a special diet, you should consider bringing something from home.

Supplies:   Bring a pen, pencil, markers, laptop, scissors, photos or old scrapbook.

                 We will be supplying papers and embellishments.


What if I miss a class?

The sessions build on each other and each one has connected theme. If you miss a class, please inform us. We need to keep a head count on all attendees so we can provide enough food and materials. You can still make your gifts only from the sessions you attend.

What if I don’t have a computer?

There are computers at the library that you can use. We have reserved a room for this purpose. A  scanner is also available. Cell phones are perfect for taking photos.

Can I bring a friend or family member?

Yes, but each person must be registered. Seating is limited. This is a program designed specifically for seniors. If you are a babysitter for grandchildren, then you must plan for them to be busy at the library during the class.

If there are any other questions, please email:

workshop descriptions

Todos Somos Storytellers
Our families have their own history  and if we don’t document it, their story will be lost. This opening session will feature brilliant storytellers including Michael Quintanilla, Homero Vera, Dr. Conchita Cavazos Hickey, Tracey Maurer, Merri Gutiérrez, and Rebeca Barrera share their favorite storytelling techniques. Participants will explore three heirloom gifts you can create for your family by the end of the program.
Building My Story
This session will explore how family experiences can result in a memorable story to pass on to the next generation. Michael will share his experiences interviewing celebrities and news makers to capture information for a story. Learn to create a storyboard and make a mini book with Merri. Learn to scan and store original photos and documents as you explore your family’s story.
A Cookbook and a Story
Food plays an important part in our daily lives and certain foods become anchors for family gatherings. Everyone wants Mama Grande’s pan de polvo or Tío Chente’s barbacoa. Merri and Rebeca will take you on a tour of heritage foods and their role in our celebrations. Restauranteur Diana Barrios Treviño will share her story of writing the Los Barrios Cookbook with her mother, trying to figure out how to measure “un puñalito. Diana will help you write the recipes in your memory so that your grandchildren will have them in the future. Everyone will collect family's recipes to create a cookbook for the next generation.
People and Places for My Story
The San Antonio Public Library has many resources to guide your storytelling. You will explore meaningful places and tidbits of history that can add dimension and depth to your family history. A hands-on visit with Texana/Genealogy experts at the library provides guidance on completing your family tree. Look up correct dates, historical events, and ancestors using the library's programs without having to purchase a personal subscription to online services. More scanning in preparation for your personal book!
OCT 11
My Family Story
This final session will help you compile all your research, stories, documents, and photos into unique heirloom gifts for your family.
Family Celebration
On this day, you will invite your family to celebrate with the storytellers and receive a gift of stories created by you.
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