culture talks - SOBREMESAS

We are interested in so many topics and we like to share what we have learned. Sometimes a Cultura Talk is a two-hour workshop with a hands-on experience and other times it’s a digital sobremesa to watch online.

In English, sobremesa literally means “over table” and it refers to the Spanish tradition of lingering around the table after a big meal and continuing the conversation with coffee, dessert, to finish off that bottle of wine. Some of the most interesting conversations and magical moments happen during the Sobremesa. That’s when people tell jokes, break out in song, have lively political discussions, and share the latest chisme.

Any topic from our list can be presented to your group as a workshop. We hope our Sobremesas will not only entertain you but also enlighten and enrich our cultura y más. Click to see a few of our Sobremesas HERE.


We know that finding bilingual or cultural materials in the marketplace can be difficult. Teachers and parents want more complete packages with information, patterns, resource activities, recipes, and how-to activities. Over 100 topics have been organized into categories of subjects that cover a wide range of Latino living. Some kits are elaborate with many parts and dozens of activities, while others might include only a few downloadable activities and patterns. Click on each category to learn more about the topics.


 We are storytellers. In our cultura we have a long history of oral storytelling from indigenous traditions that predated the Spanish conquest to conversations at the dinner table today.


STORYTELLER KIT - Available late 2021


Somos Foodies encompasses the ancient traditions of the Mexican kitchen blended with today’s contemporary Latino lifestyle in the U.S. Each topic is developed as an event with dinner, cooking workshop, or a digital streaming sobremesa (chat around the table) and includes interviews or demos by popular chefs or other food experts.




Somos de la Tierra demonstrates the connection between Latinos and the earth. Since ancient times, the indigenous people of MezoAmerica have known how to hunt and gather the fruits of the earth. Today we enjoy the knowledge base created by our ancestors who worked with the land to have a fruitful and bountiful life.