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Somos Foodies encompasses the ancient traditions of the Mexican kitchen blended with today’s contemporary Latino lifestyle in the U.S. Each topic is developed as an event with dinner, cooking workshop, or a digital streaming sobremesa (chat around the table) and includes interviews or demos by popular chefs or other food experts. Here are a few of the topics in development.



Everyone’s favorite drink has a history that is thousands of years old. Learn how the cacao became chocolate and how it was so valuable that the cacao beans were used as currency



There is nothing like a tamalada where many helpers are required to prepare this family favorite. Learn how to organizing your own tamaladas and tips on where to buy the perfect ingredients.  ORDER GUIDEBOOK HERE



While prickly pear cactus grows all around us in the south-west, few people know the benefits of eating this ancient food. Dr. Carmen Perez guides the making of a delicious salad.

Download Recipe HERE

Other topics in development:

•     Aguas Frescas and Liquados – Make healthy smoothies and fruit based drinks including Jamaica with

       the hibiscus flower, strawberry and watermelon agua fresca, and healthy fruit smoothies

•     Chiles – Go shopping in a Mexican mercado with Dr. Ellen Clark, learn the heat levels of different chiles,

       make your own salsa

•     Flavors of Mexico – Discover the many foods that originated in Mexico and learn how they have

       impacted the world today, including cacao, aguacate, maiz, papaya, beans, chiles, and tomato

•     Maiz – This amazing food which originated in the Americas is now eaten all over the world. Discover the

       history and uses of corn, and prepare a number of dishes with these delectable kernels.

•     Paletas & Helados – Explore the how-to of paletas as you visit a paletería, download a recipe and

       make your own favorite cold dessert

•     Tequila and Mescal – Get into the history and traditions of two favorite alcoholic beverages of Mexico.

       Meet the experts and see the process through photos that capture the essence of the tradition,

       the process, and the celebratory uses of both beverages.

•     Tortillas – Practice making tortillas from scratch as you hear about the history of this favorite food.

       Corn or flour? Both, we’re Texans!

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