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Dreams for the future

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For centuries, milagros have been used to ask for wishes, special intervention, and good fortune. They have been made from bone, tin, wood, silver, gold and other materials and pinned on the walls of churches. Today, throughout Latin America, milagros can be found in great abundance. For the past seven years, communities have used this tradition as a starting place for young people to create change. Throughout the United States, milagros have been created and exhibited as a way to highlight the wishes of the children.

Be part of the Milagros Exhibit

Join us at the Día de los Niños Family Festival

    April 30th, Avenida Guadalupe Plaza, 10 am - 2 pm

Create a milagro for the display to be showcased

    at MiTierra Restaurant in Market Square.


How to make this day

extra special for your child

Join in the FREE celebration April 30th, Plaza Guadalupe 

Participate in the children's parade starting at 10 am

Create a Milagro for your Family

Enjoy music, activities, food and drink.

  • Make time for undivided attention.

  • Put away the phone, turn off the TV, sit together and talk about dreams for the future. Make eye contact. Listen. Respond.

  • Sit close and be engaged. Start a conversation. “What makes your happy?” “What’s your favorite thing to do? Could that be your job when you are older?”

  • Talk about your family and tell family stories.

  • Look at family photos and talk about what was happening in them.

  • Show photos of how your child has grown and changed over the years. Ask them what they remember.

  • Take a walk in the neighborhood, in the backyard, at a park. Look for birds, bugs, butterflies.

  • On your walk, pick up a flat rock to take home and paint. Add a favorite word and put the rock in your garden.

  • Play a game, maybe loteria or dominoes or any family favorite.

  • For little ones, create a treasure hunt with letters in your child’s name. For example, Charlie could look around the house for a C-cuchara, H-hammer, A-aretes, R-red marker, L-lemon, I-picture of an iguana, E-egg.

  • Have a dance or singing contes with older kids. Do they recognize songs from when you were their age? Do you recognize their favorite songs! Sing, dance, exercise together, create a video! Upload it to TikTok!

  • Compete to see who knows more text shortcuts,  i.e.: LOL, YOLO, CUL8R, ADM. OMW

  • Use positive words, “and” instead of “but”

  • Find ways to tell your child that they are important

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