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The traditions and festivities around Christmas time are many and are celebrated with friends and family. We gather together for tamaladas, we sing and celebrate Las Posadas, we craft luminarias to decorate our yards, we make buñeuelos and hot chocolate, we set up Nacimientos and Christmas trees. Join us and let’s make memories!


Las Posadas - A Family Story


Posada means shelter and during this celebration we recreate the journey of the Holy Family looking for a place to stay where the baby Jesus can be born. In this book you will find information on this special tradition from piñatas to prayers, from songs and music to foods and beverages—everything to put on a posada in your own home and create a memorable tradition for your own family. Follow one family as they share their family tradition of Las Posadas.

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La Tamalada Guidebook


Have you ever wanted to host a tamalada? With this guidebook, you can! Get all the information you need to make your own tamales with your friends and family and you will discover there is more to making tamales than making filling and wrapping. We will tell you everything you need to know about hosting a tamalada including tips and stories to make it easier and lots of fun. And the prize at the end of fresh tamales made with love will create memories for everyone.

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