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Gifts from Mexico to the World


The Spaniards came to México in search of gold. What they discovered was that the real treasures of México were its foods, artistry, and culture. These gifts have had a far greater impact on the world today. Somos Cultura y Más explores the origins of these gifts from pre-Colombian times  as they are still in our lives today. 

We invite you to explore the richness México has contributed to the world and to participate in our workshops, special events, exhibits and community projects. Visit our events to learn about cacao, corn, vanilla, avocados, maguey, flor nochebuena, and other gifts of México to the world. 


The origin of chocolate go back around 4,000 years ago when the Aztecs honored a cacao god Quetzalcoatl. From the Theobroma tree and the magical cacao pods to the ceremonial beverage that was the drink of the gods, let’s discover how the mythical source of today’s solid chocolate has evolved over several millennia as we enjoy the foods and drinks that bring us all so much joy.

In March of 2022, SOMOS Cultura y Más celebrated and shared with the community a special event focusing on the history of cacao and the origin of chocolate with a live presentation, experience stations and market. 

Here are a few highlights.

September 16, 2022.

Special presentation on "El Encanto de Chocolate"

For details, see the EVENTS page.

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