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This heartwarming bilingual picture book is an ode to the joys of family and community.

by James Luna

Illustrated by Thelma Muraida
Spanish Translation by Gabriela Baeza Ventura

Ages 4-8

The Place Where You Live

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Young children will delight in reading this simple rhyming text with a recurring refrain that describes a loving home and neighborhood. There’s the garden, “alive and green / with peppers and squash that you planted in spring,” the neighbor who trades sweet cornbread for Grandma’s home-made tortillas and the library where kids read about voyages, magic and giants.

    There’s the school where friends play, learn and grow, and the park where kids swing, slide, laugh and climb, all in “the place where you live.” And at the end of a long day, Mamá and Papá hug you tight because “you make them so glad.”

    Lively illustrations in vibrant colors bring to life award-winning children’s book author James Luna’s affectionate tribute to home. This charming bilingual book will encourage young children to talk—and even write—about their own families, neighborhoods and homes.

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